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The Early Days

I have just received some photos from Brenton Shevlin showing some very old Centurions

169015 and that could be Humphrie Bear sitting on the Glacis Plate

Any ID would be appreciated

169047 ID: by the English number

This is 169051 on the knife edges

169074 before Vietnam - washing the tracks - could this be Stockton N.S.W.?

The ARN seems hand painted and the windscreen bin seems to be highlighted the same way.

This may have been a touch up to the original photo

In hindsight I feel its masking tape waterproofing the bin.

169102 at Puckapunyal

Another very early shot has both the English and Australian numbers showing.

The front tank is 169055 and the one behind and to the left is 169052

Sorry cannot make out any other ID: These photo are very old black and white and I would think taken with a basic camera.

But what a treasure trove of photos.

        This one looks a bit posed ??                                                                                                      Remember doing this a few times, once in fifth gear,

                                                                                                                                                              which upset the Crew Commander sitting on the cupola lid as it all came down around him

                                                                                                                                                               But then he was the guy saying "Driver, speedup speedup" all bloody day!



Some more good old photos

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Looks like he slide sideways

The Salute

My thanks to Brenton for these photos and he also had some prints of a Leopard and a Abrams on his wall. They were stunning paintings and I was most impressed.. I contacted the artist, Barry Spicer, for permission to display them here, a request he agreed to immediately. He also supplied a rough pen drawing of a Centurion painting he is hoping to do this year. I loved this and cannot wait to see the finished painting. To me it does not get much better than this and I am indeed proud to display them here for all to have some idea of the quality of Barry's work.





This photo has been chosen for the March 2008 edition of ARMOUR the Journal of the Royal Australian Armoured Corps Association (NSW BRANCH)


Barry's next painting - Centurions in Vietnam

Barry's publisher is Paul Wong who runs a Gallery in Sydney called "Kondor Gallery" where prints can be purchased

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