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I have just received some photos of Dutch Range Targets

An old Centurion with a 105 barrel installed

Not a lot left now

It appears that at high tide its partly submerged

Another angle of the Cent.

A Leopard has taken a fair few rounds as well   Note other tanks in the background.

Another Leopard on the way out

Below are some photos supplied by Barry Beldam who runs a great Canadian site on Armour

Barry's site address is on the link page on the index page of Steel Thunder

A couple of dead Israel Tanks above


Below is a destroyed Centurion

Left Side View where it took the round

The round hit the ammo stock and blew out the front Glacis Plate --- I would imagine it hit the Wine Rack of stored ammo.

Showing the right hand side damage


SEA TRIALS 1964 / 65

Moving Centurions by sea from Melbourne to Stockton N.S.W.

This proved far quicker than by road transport.

                                                                                                The chap on the front of 169013, was the then, Minister for Defense, Mr. Ford.

Driving the Centurion onto the hard landing


BACK TO 169096 at Wangaratta

Moving her out to the loading area for the low loader to move her to Ballarat

Chris, Frank and myself

Not an easy entry with the gun over the rear

Chris is in and she is fired up and running

Away through the gate.

Across the paddock and going well

Parked on the roadway awaiting the low loader

And there she waits --  looking good

While up there a couple of shots of some of Tim's tanks

169113 Tim's very clean APC

Tim's beautiful Hong Kong MK 3 model

This is the only MK 3 in Australia and is in as new condition. Note the condition of the drivers hatch cover everything is like brand new.

I intend to arrange a day with Tim and spend some time taking photos that will do his collection justice