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Trevor Dingles Photo's

I have just finished converting 700 odd photos from slides to a DVD for Dianna Dingle.

As stated a few pages ago I joined up with Trevor at Royal Park in Melbourne in the early 1950's and we did our trip to Kapooka and then to 1st Armoured Regiment at Puckapunyal. As Trevor came from Tasmania he often spent weekends with me at my parents home at Oak Park, Melbourne. Trevor passed away last year. As with many Veterans photos some deteriorated with age, some because of the condition they were kept in, while others were in a lot of cases quite dark. Anyway here are a few more of Trevor's photos.

Royal Automobile Association Vietnam

Unknown Centurion Vietnam

Unknown driver Vietnam. Boy does that dust on him and his beret bring back some memories of tank driving!

Live firing practice from the Clive Steele

.50 cal rounds hitting the water.

Is that a target hit?

Stores being delivered by the Clive Steel

About to load  - 21A

Display board in the Sgt. Mess on the Clive Steele

169096 loading onto the Clive Steele

169109 being loaded on board note the guy in white washing the Vietnam mud from the tracks

"Backbiter" pushing The Clive Steele off the hard at Baria

92C nose down in the dirt

She is well and truly stuck

92C being pulled out by the rear

Unknown Cent being rescued by the ARV

Bridge section in transit

Bridge section landing -- Trevor is on left of photo taking a pic.

Droving Vietnam style --it amazed me how they controlled hundreds of ducks with just a stick

Having a go at catching a fish

Floating bridge that replaced a damaged bridge

Picked up a few punctures

Removing the bladders, note water from puncture holes in bottom.

Time to start pumping them back up.

showing what they have replaced

Captain Gilchrist - He was our R.S.M. when Trevor and I entered the regiment. and the oldest guy to go through the Jungle Training

And a gentleman to boot. I spoke with him last year and he must be well into his 90's now.

Hamburger day -- Trevor on right in tank suit

Kangaroo Helo pad

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